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Unser Klassiklabel ARS Produktion ist mit dem Internationalen Musikpreis "ICMA" ausgezeichnet worden.

For over 30 years, the German classical label ARS Produktion has been a successful platform for young artists as well as for widely recognized musicians. Many releases feature niche programs revealing hidden treasures. Artists, critics and listeners have pointed out the excellent recorded sound created by Manfred Schumacher, with most of the productions being released as high quality hybrid SACDs.


Unsere SACD-Produktion
ist mit dem Deutschen Musikpreis "OPUS KLASSIK 2019" ausgezeichnet worden.

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Georgisches Kammerorchester vol 4

The International Simon Mayr Society e.V. was founded in Ingolstadt in 1995, 150 years after the the death of the Bavarian composer who spent much of his life in Italy and was largely forgotten in his homeland. The society's principle aim is to make Simon Mayr's work accessible to a wider audience, thus giving rise to the present recording of Mayr's two piano concertos.

Arash Rokni – TASTE THE BEST

Arash Rokni spielt auf einem Hammerklavier Paul McNulty „Walter 1790” und dem Blüthner Flügel 238 von 1905

Taste The Best ∙ Die Stars von Morgen

Die Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, der WDR, ARS Produktion und die Förderer der Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln e.V. möchten die Produktion einer hochwertigen professionellen CD ermöglichen und damit die Künstlern besonderes fördern. Die Musiker müssen strengen künstlerischen Qualitätskriterien entsprechen. Im Rahmen einer hausinternen Audition entscheidet eine Jury, die aus Professoren der Hochschule für Musik und Tanz gebildet wird, über die Vergabe des Preises „Taste the Best“. Arash Rokni wurde im Teheran geboren. Der Versuch seiner Mutter, ein traditionelles iranisches Instrument, die Setar, zu lernen, und das Interesse seines Vaters an westlicher klassischer Musik haben ihn schon früh geprägt. Sein Interesse an der Aufführungspraxis des 18. Jahrhunderts veranlassten Arash Rokni, Fortepiano bei Gerald Hambitzer und Cembalo bei Michael Borgstede in Köln zu studieren.

Céline Pasche & I Pizzicanti – ALMA INTREPIDA

The realization of Alma intrepida was made possible thanks to the encounter of Céline Pasche and the early music ensemble I Pizzicanti at the Schola Cantorum in Basel. Using the historical art of transcription, this project focuses on the theatrical and dramatic approach to music through instruments.

A lively enthusiasm for early music leads the young Swiss musician Céline Pasche to well-known festivals such as the Menuhin Festival Gstaad, the Festspiele Sankt Gallen, the festival MiTo Settembre Musicale, the festival Urbino Musica Antica, as well as different concert series at the Frauenkirche in Dresdes and at the Tonhalle Zurich. Céline Pasche has collaborated with La Cetra Barockorchester, la Cappella Gabetta, I Barocchisti, la Camerata Zürich, le Berner Symphonie Orchester and played with musicians such as Maurice Steger, Andres Gabetta, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Alessandro Quarta et Robert King. She regularly performs as well as a soloist as a member of diverse chamber music formations, including the ensemble I Pizzicanti which she is particularly close to.

Myriam Barbaux-Cohen – Enrique Granados

Myriam Barbaux-Cohen and Enrique Granados, that’s first and foremost the encounter of two souls who resonate together despite the century which separates them. Two souls who understand and complement each other. The deeply Spanish music of Granados is filled with an emotion and a delicacy which have elevated it to a national monument on the same level as Isaac Albéniz or the painter Francisco de Goya of whom he was a great admirer.

Stephanie Szanto, Simon Bucher – sie sind: The High Horse

For centuries, it has been regarded as the finest, the most valuable and untouchable form of high culture: Classical music. Mezzo-soprano Stephanie Szanto and pianist Simon Bucher know its stern reality as they passed the rigorous school of classical music. At night, however, they danced under the flashing lights of their hometown’s discotheques to the smashing hits of their youth, which all can be coined under the genre Eurodance. Music is music, and there is no limit to it: „No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no there’s no limit“. Szanto and Bucher appreciate the grandeur within the most trivial hits of the 80ies and 90ies, while respectfully finding humour in the deep seriousness of classical music. This is why The High Horse is a unique mix of both worlds. The debut Best of Worst Vol. 1 feels like the love you’ve never been looking for, but realise you’ve been missing all along. Their noble-obscure original compositions and fascinating arrangements seem familiar, yet new and adventurous at the same time. This parody-album will give you goosebumps while at the same time making you cry with laughter. This is high art, this is freedom. Miriam Lenz, music journalist, Rockette

Trumpets in Concert – Colours of Christmas

TRUMPETS IN CONCERT, founded by Leonhard Leeb, earned a well-deserved international repu-tation for superbly performances. All of the members are playing in different ensemble formations and are top soloists. Technical brillance is combined with sensitivity or, like in the words of a fan: “They play as elegant as Cerruti suits!” And this has been since more than two decades, after their jubilee in 2018.